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This is a little OT, but it sounds like there are a number of people who are recoding live gigs and may be able to shed some light.

Last summer I filmed my son's jazz big band concerts using an on-camera external mic (AT-822), and was been quite pleased with the sound I've got; it generally seemed to have good detail and the room sounds were not obtrusive. At the concerts, the band is mic'd with stand mics that are fed through a sound board to a PA system, so I was pretty much recording what came through the PA speakers up by the stage.

This summer, I'll be video recording the concerts again, and was thinking of recording the sound out of the sound board to my Zoom H2 as well, to see if I can get better sound that way. (I would take the board's line feed through a Rolls MX34 pre-amp, which I think will take care of any problem with the line signal being too hot for the H2).

The band director will be arranging with the venue for me to be able to plug into the board, but I'd like to be able to interact with the sound guys without sounding like a total noob (although I will be one).

What do I tell them I want to do? "Hi guys, I'd like to _______________."

Also, what kind of connector on the board is it likely I will be plugging into (the boards used are all portable boards although some are bigger than others)? XLR, RCA, 1/4" phono? I probably will put together a number of adapters, which most likely will end up running into the Rolls' dual XLR inputs. I want to have enough of a variety of adapters to cover the bases.