Panasonic AF100 successor ‘deleted’?

Panasonic have been awfully quiet at NAB and I’m wondering why they have a new codec with no camera to go with it.


The well connected editor of 43rumors has told me (and this comes from one of his sources) that Panasonic have deleted the AG AF line. The AF100 had not been selling well and had seen a significant price drop since launch.Apparently this frees Panasonic up to concentrate on a Super 35mm camera.

But in my opinion the move is too drastic. All Panasonic Pro Video needed to produce is a cutting edge Super 35mm sensor, keep the Micro Four Thirds mount and support for lenses, and have a 4:3 crop mode for those optics whilst using the full sensor for everything else. The form factor could have done with being shrunk, but I for one am sorry we shall probably not be seeing an AF camera for around the $6000 mark again.