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Thread: The Bataan Death March Remembered

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    Default The Bataan Death March Remembered

    6) No link-only posts!
    This new rule implemented 19 May 2011: NO POSTING OF LINKS without more information. It had to come to this!
    We no longer will tolerate the posting of links without "some" background information as to what the link is redirecting to.
    Simply add a few short lines of additional information what it is, we are about to see and/or hear
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    Sorry, but you need to add some description to the thread/post.

    Just think of it this way: this thread should be readable and its responses understood, even if the video doesn't show up.

    So, you need to add a short description of the video you are linking to.

    You have been doing this previously...I guess you're just getting lazy now...

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