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Thread: HV20 Tape Deck Repair Problem

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    Default HV20 Tape Deck Repair Problem

    Hey Guys
    I'm new to this forum, so first things first, Hello to you all

    I came here looking for some advice on a repair problem I have with my HV20. About a month ago i bought this camcorder (used, but in a very good condition) The thing is that someone dropped the cam and since then the tape won't go down, it's stuck. I can take and change the miniDV, but the tape deck won't move.

    After some examination i realized that a cable got damaged with the fall, and i thought that this was the problem. I took the cam to Technical Service in my Country (Canon does not have a direct repair service here), and after some days they told me that i was right, that cable was the problem, and the repair consisted on changing the entire Chassis for a new one.

    So... here's mi problem, changing the chassis its kind of expensive. Does anyone here know if there is a chance to just change this "cable" instead of the entire piece? if it is possible, It's a good choice? or should i go with the entire thing (a new Chassis)?

    This image points what "cable" it is. Circled on red, but on the other side (marked with the arrow). I used this youtube picture because i don't have my cam here.

    In advance, Thank to you all.
    PS: Sorry about my English

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    Are you sure the cable is the only damaged part? (If so, i.e. it is only a broken copper conductor, some very delicate "micro-surgery" might maybe fix it...)

    But: How could the fall have damaged only the cable? Was the cassette compartment open during the fall? In that case, it is very probable that the cassette carrier may also have been damaged...

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