Can't find proper format to render gopro2 clips (guessing h.264 .mov clips) to enable 'smart' rendering in vegas pro 11. Driving me round the bend! Vegas only shows "=" as MXF format. Now I switch a bit (no pun intended!) on my home-skiing vids betwen 720 and 1080p, but even if I try to render one format, no smart rendering, which saved me a ton of time on HDV.

Current project is mixed, to be used as master, of mixed 720/1080, to be further cut for youtube/inflicting on nearest and dearest of my latest skiing adventures.. but rendering now (1hr of footage to mxf) projected at 2.5 hrs rendering time.

Any ideas short of redoing in timeline entire project? Have Vegas 11, adobe master, and cyberlink (only one that uses quick sync!)...and access to Avid via friend. Granted 2.5x render time is huge improvement over my older 6x times, but have pretty quick lappy equivalent to i7 920 now..

Btw, friends and family got their revenge for my inflicting boring skiing vids on them...broke/fractured most of my ribs off-piste 2 weeks ago...

PS got quick-sync to work in media encoder, but strange reddish hue...with intel plugin sdk...but much still a vegas user (learned illustrator, ps, and flash...but adobe is really non-intuitive...may have to switch due to after-effects)