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Thread: P.F.E Backwoods Raised Music video GH2

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    Default P.F.E Backwoods Raised Music video GH2

    I'm aware of some tiny sync issues. They didn't put clicks at the beginning of the track as I requested, and their performance was off a few times. I got it as close as I could and tried to cover up where I could. I shot this in about 4 hrs. They haven't released it yet, so please don't share. I just figured you guys would be interested to see.

    Oh and yeah watch in HD.


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    I find there isn't enough variety of shots to keep me interested in watching. I wish there was something more creative going on in the video but I think most directors have their hands tied when it comes to this genre of music.

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    Your preaching to the choir lol.

    Thats what they wanted.

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