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Thread: Do you use EOS Utility or?

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    Default Do you use EOS Utility or?

    I finally got a little time to play with my new 60D with Canon 85mm f/1.8 usm lens. Shooting video is very different compared to a camcorder. Probably take me sometimes to get good at it. It is very tricky when come to focusing an object but I think I can adapt the changed from camcorder to DSLR.

    Anyway, do you guys prefer to use the Canon EOS Utility to transfer your video/pictures file? Or copy the file from SD card to PC. I shot some footages and still but have not got a chance to transfer anything yet. Give me your thought. Thank you.

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    The only method I use is to copy the files from the SDHC card to the PC using a card reader (either the one built in to the PC or one of the many multi-format readers that connect to the USB port).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bif View Post
    The only method I use is to copy the files from the SDHC card to the PC using a card reader
    Meaning Bif lets Windows copy files from the card directly, into a folder on an internal or external harddrive. There's no need for the EOS utility.

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    Same here. I lock the card, put it in the card reader (built-in, just a slot in the side of my iMac), and copy the files.

    Beware of any software that "transfers" files - i.e. erases them from the card just after they have been copied. If anything goes awry there, you're in trouble. There's a thread about that, somewhere around here...

    After you are certain you have OK copies, and backups of them, you may format your card. (Don't forget to unlock it first... )

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