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Thread: Which Camcorder to Buy!!

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    Hi All,

    I have a HV20 which I'm planning to take with me to for my long term travel to Norway.But since my Lappy doesnt have a firewire port, I thought I would buy a new one (AVCHD one).

    Is Legria R206 a good choice for outdoor shooting (Nature and Travel).

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    I would also consider the Canon HF M5xx series because of the HD CMOS Pro sensor, which has a larger dynamic range and is very good for low light shots. On the Canon site you could compare them to the HF Rxxx series to check what other differences there are.


    The R206 has been superseded by the R306.
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    I agree it would be a good choice but you need to consider lot of other factors while purchasing these king of products. you need to consider about how much you can afford and for how long you need this.

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