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Thread: HV30 with A LOT OF EXTRAS $500

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    Default HV30 with A LOT OF EXTRAS $500

    Hey guys, I'm selling a canon HV30 that is in excellent condition and it comes with a lot of extras that truly makes this camera a film making beast.

    What's included:

    Camera with original box and everything else that comes from the factory (batteries and video cables etc)

    3x batteries: BP-2L13, BP-2L14 x2 (about 6 hours or more of recording time)

    Hoodman H-300 LCD shade (Handy for outdoor/indoor use)

    IRV Focus Ring (incredibly useful, completely transforms this camera)

    RAYNOX 6600 wide angle lens (100 dollar value,lovely low distortion lens)

    LCD switch that automatically inverts the screen for use with 35mm adapters (100 dollar value)

    Canon Battery Charger CB-2LW (allows you to always have a full battery no matter what)

    1 new panasonic mini DV tape

    1 cleaning tape

    US only

    Send me a PM or email me at:

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    There is a whole subforum devoted to selling and buying close to the bottom of the page- you may find better luck posting in the appropriate place.
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    thanks, i'll repost there.

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