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Thread: 48 hours with the Epic

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    Previously geeking out over 2/3" Scarlet. Scarlet-X...not so much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian-T View Post
    Suprised he hasn't already chimed in.

    ...wait for it....wait for it....
    I was out in the countryside for a week, but here i am again ;-)

    Re: Touchscreen - you can, but do not have to use the touch screen. The settings can be accessed with traditional buttons too if one prefers those.
    Re: Playback - the on-camera playback feature isn't enabled yet, but will be on a later firmware version. The cameras out there now are still using beta firmware.
    Re: Using 30-40 cameras - multiple crews shooting multi-camera stereo scenes simultaneously + backup cameras for those... it all adds up quickly.
    Re: Scarlet pricing - the latest estimated price announced by Red for ready to shoot Scarlet is still around 6000 bucks, not 10 000, thought it too might change for the worse of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gillvane View Post
    Peter Jackson ordered 40 of them to shoot the Hobbit. The upcoming new Spiderman reboot movie is shot with Epics. Ridley Scott's feature "Prometheus" will be shot on EPICs.I believe the soon to be released Contagion, which you might have seen trailers for at the movies recently, was shot on an Epic.

    I think it's out of the niche market, and into the professional film making market. If you're going to make a film with a substantial budget, Red Epic is one of your choices. You could go with a Panavision and shoot film, you could go with an Arri Alexa, you could do like the director of Black Swan and shoot super 16 with a Canon 5d for b roll.
    40!! Can you link me to the article that says that? Wow I wonder if they are planning on destroying some in stunts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy Malone View Post
    40!! Can you link me to the article that says that? Wow I wonder if they are planning on destroying some in stunts.
    My bad. It's 30 not 40.
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