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Thread: hv40 35mm adapter image flip issue

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    Default hv40 35mm adapter image flip issue


    i have the canon hv40 with an encinema 35mm adapter on it, now i realize this flips my image internally and flips/inverts it on my lcd screen as i have a shrig rig set up,while when the camera is mounted upside down it records properly to avoid the flipping in post (i do believe you still have to invert it horizontally-mirror the film) ...when the camera is mounted upside down the lcd no matter what is upside there a feature that is making this happen a bounding level or something i need to turn off to be able to at least view correctly top to bottom? right side up or upside down the image is always upside down on the screen..its bothersome, i will eventually be using an external monitor..but for now id love some help.

    thank you.

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    Search for "flip hack"
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    i was wondering moreso if the firmware flip worked on the hv40...or an additional way without ripping open my new camera and potentially messing it up.

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    We don't know yet... so keep reading the hack thread.

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    I'm not sure, but isn't the flip hack permanent? If so does this mean that the image will be inverted when you use the camera without the adaptor?
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    Thread moved. Please post to the proper subforum. Also, there is a ton of info on the flip hack that can be found by doing a search.
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