Back in the day (2000), when Mal, Doc, Marius, Rolf Horawith, Adam Wilt, Adam Quirt, Clair Watson, Ron Bridegroom, and I and a lot of other DV pioneers were asking question and sharing ideas and techniques in the EditDV/Cinestream user forum- the questions then looked a lot the same as now on the HV20 forum.
Roy Batty (you know who he is - right?) said in part - "All those … moments will be lost … in time … like tears … in rain."
That applies to DV and HDV. Those of us that had EditDV / Cinestream and got screwed out of $800 or so by Autocad, yet here we are 7 years on - still working in / on DV HDV and contributing to HV20, DVH, Vegas or Adobe P, or FCP.
Keep on trucking!