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Thread: Please Watch my 1st time using AE for a video contest

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    Default Please Watch my 1st time using AE for a video contest


    i made this short video clip in 2 days for a video contest to win 10k from Futureshop. The videos have to show others your holiday wishlist and do it as creatively as possible.

    Video link:

    I shot it with my hv20 w/ the raynox 6600.
    edited w/ Vegas and AE

    I played around with AE cs3 a couple months back, but i never really used or rendered anything with it before. this is my 1st time.

    I know there are lots of things i could of done to make it look and sound better like: putting shadows under the items, some grids onto the tv to make it look more TV-ish, some voice overs, and so on. But i only saw this contest a couple of days ago and did this in 2 days - the 2nd day i summitted it before the deadline expired.

    What do you guys think?
    If i make it to the final 10 videos...please vote for me. (here's hoping!)
    Every voter will enter into a draw to win 500 dollars. (Canadians only)

    I believe it's on youtube as well...

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    It was pretty good, The animations were slightly off, but for a first time, not so bad.

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    Default in a rush

    thanks for watching...

    yeah...i was a bit off....if i had only 1 more day or couple more hours, i would fix a few things.

    I was really winging AE as i went along.

    the youtube link is:

    so it could be watched in HD.

    for other viewers:
    I'm not too sure, perhaps if you watch the futureshop link first, I'll get a viewed count on my video.
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    it's nice for your 1st time.
    It will be better if you stand in front of greenscreen or a better location,and why hide the actor's face?
    I thought you gonna reveal his into something?

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    Was kinda neat, although to be honest, if I'd have to vote I'd go for the talking baby; that was amusingly creepy!

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    Good Job Rockops

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