View Full Version : MBE's Random Act of Violence

2007 December 5th, 17:08
The latest production of the MBE-group. A Short 5 minute piece shot for, and premiered on, the Short Film Festival in Piteň.

Awards: 3rd price of the festival.

In short... weirdest piece of shit we have ever done... But according to the comments we gathered there... its good "shit"...:)

But I'll leave it to each and every one viewer to decide...;)

Vimeo (720p cropped to cinemascope): http://www.vimeo.com/418414

Shot with the HV20 in TV-mode 1/50 and progressive scan for the most part, except the slow motion-sequences, which was interlaced...

Edited on Premiere Pro, Slow Mo Deinterlacing and some VFX on After Effects...

It's a bit rough around the edges... but I'll just consider it as part of the experience...

Let me know what you think! ;)

Oh... and just like sTATIC... I do have the rights to the music... or as the proud turk said to my dad when he was handed a drink tasting really bad from the owner of a clothes shop in Turkey on our visit there years ago... "I have made it MYSELF!" :D

2007 December 5th, 18:20
Beautiful images. Soundtrack was perfect for the mood of the piece. The slo-mo with the jumping rope was super smooth. Was that Twixtor in AE?

I think I'll be looking for a giant ball of tinfoil in the sky when I leave work tonight.