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2007 December 5th, 11:03
It's been a couple of weeks since I have really filmed anything since getting a new DSLR. I was taking some pictures of bubbles after seeing what some other guys were doing in a macro photo forum I thought I would try it. After doing some photos I decided to try some video.

Shot in AV mode at F8 with a 100 watt bulb with my 180mm macro lens.

It looks like something out of the 70's

2007 December 5th, 12:05
You have a lot to answer for, Lucasberg. I've been playing with my reversed lens and driving my wife mad. I'm having to look at everything - everything - using this technique.

I need to find something living to film, but there are no creepy crawlies around at the moment.

2007 December 5th, 13:20
Worley over the last year I have gone into a crazy macro world that I can't escape from. I'm like you looking at everything super magnified. It's very fun and addicting. Im also low on bugs right now around my house. My family thinks I have lost it but watching this stuff on my ps3 in HD is awesome.

Be careful not to go too deep into-------- The Macro Zone!

2007 December 5th, 13:29
lucasberg what's the name of the song on the background? i might use it in my future projects

2007 December 5th, 13:42
I have it labeled as the Jurassic park theme.

2007 December 5th, 14:05
Very cool...these macro shots really open a whole new world of ideas.


2007 December 5th, 14:20
thanks.. i liked the song

and one more thing: if you make the colors in the video as vivid as the still picture and if you can find a way to eliminate that sudden movements you mentioned, this footage will be really great. It can be used for generics/opening titles/backgrounds etc. You can sell it on royalty free footage web sites.
Just an idea.

2007 December 5th, 14:38

I've just watched all your footage over at Vimeo and I love it! It's really impressive, inspiring and scary. Keep up the good work!

2007 December 5th, 16:16
The eye. I love the eye. It's fantastic.