View Full Version : Redondo Beach, California

2007 December 4th, 12:42
I took advantage of the Cineform Aspect HD offer and did a new edit of my pier video to play around with it. The real time color correction tool in Premiere is awesome. One thing I noticed is that my H.264 files play back very choppy on my computer. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Here's the link - http://www.vimeo.com/415703

2007 December 4th, 13:12
hey, your footage is very nice.
What settings did you have on the camcorder?
And did you just point the camera at the sunset or did you use some ND filter or something?

2007 December 4th, 13:18
Thx. Shot in 60i Cinemode with. No filter except for LA smog.