View Full Version : Canon USA updated footage

2007 December 3rd, 17:36
The HV20's and the HV10's footage is the same but it seems they also have HG10 footage as well as the HR10. Have not seen it yet myself (at work) but will check it out later.


2007 December 4th, 14:53
Thanks for the info!

I downloaded the HV20 full (153M, 2:11) and hr10 (394Mb, 5:11) full movies
Nice resolution. Both are 30fps and blurry during pans.

the HV20movie is inside a bar. Some pans and zooms.
The hr10 are shots of paris. hr10 movie contains mostly shots with hardly any movement. In all it gives the impression that you'd better not try to move or pan with this camera?

2007 December 4th, 15:03
I don't believe the camera is entirely to blame (in regards to the HV20 footage). I made mention back in May that I don't think they removed pulldown from the footage (try pausing the footage every now and then you see some ugly ghosting). I've seen much more impressive footage on this site than from Canon's own site.

2007 December 5th, 14:32
I was using their own footage assuming that would make the best comparison between their cameras.