View Full Version : High quality HV10 film shot in Pakistan

2007 December 2nd, 15:16
A friend of mine recently completed his movie about our friend Benno. It is shot on location in Calgary and Pakistan and is filmed entirely with the Cannon HV10.

It is a great story and is beautiful to watch.


2007 December 4th, 04:12
This is such a wonderful movie. I loved it. So simple yet powerful, as Benno says. Makes me wonder if this was just a story or for real, as everything I saw seemed so real. Thought provoking film my friend. Good job.

On the technical side, I would say the video should have been de-interlaced before uploading. Other than that, I wish most of the scenes did not appear as dark as it did, even on the footage shot in canada. I know probably they used natural lighting, but it could have been adjusted in the post. Nevertheless this is a good film.

2007 December 4th, 05:01
that was good movie i likw the way it was shot how did you guys make it

2007 December 4th, 10:19
This is very cool. Would love to see it in HD

2007 December 4th, 12:40
Enchanting, moving, beautifully made. And very inspiring for me, for what is possible. Thank you!


2007 December 4th, 16:51
It was very good. Kudos to Benno and Husain.

Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 December 4th, 17:07
Very nice!

2007 December 5th, 00:16
Man, this is unbelievable, I can't get that color no matter what I do and shoot with,
It 's Great!
Thank you for sharing!

2007 December 7th, 05:13
greate job!!! nice

2007 December 7th, 13:02
Amazing film! gonna watch it again tonight on the tv with the wife. well done!

2007 December 7th, 13:37
Amazing quality. I watched it full screen at 1680 x 1050 and didn't even realise it wasn't output as HD until someone mentioned it above. Even some of the motion looked better than I've seen on the HV20. Very few artifacts in the motion.

Some lovely colours and sharpness at times.

Obviously you have the DIV X settings really sorted.

2007 December 8th, 12:58
Just finished watching and loved it!