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2007 December 1st, 11:50
I was expecting to be wowed, like when i viewed all the vimeo hv20 clips

i am a complete noob and have found hv20 forum to be most helpful. :hv20-smilie03: :hv20-smilie03:

Please see my clip and tell me what im doing wrong.

Here is what i did: followed Eugenia Loli-Queru instruction on blog (http://eugenia.gnomefiles.org/2007/11/09/exporting-with-vegas-for-vimeo-hd)

HV20 set at auto in hdv mode, not 24p mode
shot indoors in kitchen under halogen lights, some flourecent and one incandecent in the room
then i followed the seeting from the blog for the wmv transcode

thanks in advance


2007 December 2nd, 13:22
You are not doing anything wrong! Here's a few suggestions on making the next one better:

More light would be nice, but it was pretty good already...the color of the chair, the bowl of beans and the table top were all good. I would guess that the lack of lighting was the main thing that made you think it was not so good.

Do not wave the camera around, either do individual shots ( one shot of the bowl of beans, then a shot of the kid, then a shot of what mom is doing, etc.) or slooooow pans.

I thought the video was technically fine, upload was good...what part did not wow you? What were you expecting?


2007 December 2nd, 18:50
Hey thanks Timay,

good points

i was wow'd lookin at all the Vimeo clips with the HV20 before i purchased.

I did some more testing, outdoors and with plenty of light, and then i finally got my WOW feeling.

This camera rocks,