View Full Version : My second HV20...

2007 November 29th, 02:09
My company just picked up a second HV20, and it makes me a lot more flexible. This video is the first 2 camera shoot I've done in quite a few years, and I'm fairly pleased with it. Once I got the tracks lined up in Premiere, editing it together was a breeze. Now if I can just convince them to get me a third one....


2007 November 29th, 02:38
What was the audio recorded on? It sounds a bit muffled, so I'm guessing it was one of the '20's, but not via a mixer.

2007 November 29th, 02:42
And what were the cameras' settings?

2007 November 29th, 23:00
The audio was recorded on a Zoom H2. The audio could be better, the venue was packed and I was unable to get ideal mic position.

The camera was recording on HDV. I couldn't tell you the settings, both cameras were different and I've recorded other places and changed them since then...I am not a big fan of the dark background, I think the look a bit muddled, but I'm not sure if that is the camera or the encoding process.