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2007 November 27th, 22:43
Ok so while its not the first footage ive uploaded here, it IS the first footage I ever shot with this camera (and the first footage I'd shot in roughly 2 years so go easy on the criticism...lol)


its low quality due to an HD encoder crash? (thanks eugenia)
so hopefully i'll have a better quality one up soon.

Its just a short video of the club promotions company I work for and some of our affiliates at a recent car show.


2007 November 27th, 22:59
Nice 'affiliates'. Definitely got lost in the story. ;)

That was a cool shot of the guy talking while the motorcycle did a jump behind him. I'm guessing you're just using the internal mic, are you going to upgrade?


2007 November 27th, 23:20
nah im using a Rode Videomic, it was just REALLY loud there.

2007 November 27th, 23:24
Are you going to try it on a boom? I'd be curious to hear the results.

2007 November 28th, 02:48
sometime i will, for now i think it works fine camera mounted, there were just a few bad examples in this video because it was really loud, and the people on camera kept moving so that they werent in front of the mic

2007 November 28th, 05:29
I think you need a big ass light to shine on those girls, bring out their features.