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2007 November 27th, 20:59
Some footage of Haworth, Yorkshire, where the Brontes lived:-


It looks pretty jerky on Vimeo, but the d/l Quicktime file plays much like the file I uploaded. I used Mpeg-Streamclip to mp4 and down-framesize, at 25% 'quality' setting. I'll try another clip with 'Super' which seems quicker but isn't currently reproducing the 16:9 flag on the 1280 setting.

Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 November 27th, 21:03
No, it's not jerky, it's fine. Make sure you click "scaling off" when you watch Vimeo videos, so you watch the videos in 1:1 zoom, which is faster. Also, Flash is much slower than Quicktime or WMP, so if you don't have a very recent PC/Mac, you will get bad performance out of it.

I've added your videos to two Vimeo channels, make sure you also include the word "hv20" next time as a tag though.

2007 November 30th, 14:29
Nice scenery !

But yes I agree it looks jerky
Looks like the frame rate is around 8 fps instead of the 25fps of your quicktime version. Add to that your relatively fast pans and it's good for a headache...

Honestly I consider the vimeo player as a preview to the downloadable thing. And often the downloadable thing is a preview to the original that you have at home ...