View Full Version : 60i slowmo test - black and white

2007 November 25th, 06:04
I wanted to see the difference between 24p and 60i slowmo....

I had to convince myself that 60i was WAY BETTER... :hv20-smilie77:

http://www.vimeo.com/401581 60i B&W

http://www.vimeo.com/397830 24p

just added: http://www.vimeo.com/401722 COLOR 60i

2007 December 29th, 01:14
The picture on the 24p looked a little more soft. It seemed a little better than the 60i but i'm a little bias to the 24p, i wish the videos ran a little smoother but thats the glory of the internet for you.

Thanks for the test and i love BlackAndWhite

2007 December 29th, 01:59
24p slomo is painful to watch. :)

2007 December 31st, 01:15
60i ftw. What editor did you use to create the slow mo?

2007 December 31st, 01:16
60i ftw. What editor did you use to create the slow mo?

Doh, 'Done in editing. I reduced the velocity in Sony Vegas.'

Is this when you hold ctrl and just drag it out?

2007 December 31st, 08:18
hi guys, still a noob, so excuse me for the questions

i noticed that you used slow motion in the 2 modes

24 fps


60i , which is 29.976 frames per second

i noticed that the 24p seemed to stutter, would this be due to that the 60i is interlaced and the 24 is progressive, or would it be just down to the slower framrate?

2007 December 31st, 12:03
it's simple. if you download 50% of 60i, you get a very smooth 15fps derived from 60 half frames. for 24P, you only get 12 fps. it stutters.

2007 December 31st, 13:18
The 24p looked like it was focused on the background ,maybe thats why it's soft.