View Full Version : 24p slowmo...looks good?

2007 November 22nd, 09:40

What do you think?

2007 November 22nd, 13:03
I guess it all depends on what you are after. For Mac users, I use a gem of a tool called JES Deinterlacer. If you deinterlace a 60i movie using both fields and set it to double movie duration, you get the smoothest slow motion I have ever seen (short of actual over cranking which is only possible in high end cameras). I have compared it to a plug in called Twixtor (which is over $400) and it is so much better...and JES is free!


2007 November 22nd, 13:06
Looks fine, but I suppose if it was 60i it would have looked better ;)

BTW, Tkmslee, with After FX you can achieve those same results, and I believe even with Premiere-s Timewarp you can also... I don-t know with other NLE-s anyway

2007 November 23rd, 13:06
What were your camera settings and how did you capture? Can you list the process including editing

2007 November 23rd, 21:45
Camera settings: 24p/Cinemode/Daylight Setting/ Manual Focus

Captured with Sony Vegas 8.0 Pro.

Edited in Vegas. Magic Bullet: Black and White Crunch applied.

Velocity slowed to 52%.

Titles added.

Fades added.

Setup render settings so it will be high quality.

Output as MP4.

2007 November 24th, 02:54
It's well known that 60i produces better slo mo than 24p.

2007 November 24th, 05:12
I know. Thats why I was testing 24p...to see how "bad" it looked. I think it doesnt look too bad.

2007 November 24th, 14:34
I know. Thats why I was testing 24p...to see how "bad" it looked. I think it doesnt look too bad.

Compared to 60i it does...

2007 November 24th, 14:53
mbamber...Taynt3d is right...it might not look so bad now..but when you put it up againts 60i then you will see a big difference. I can already see that it is not smooth (or as smooth as it could be).

2007 November 24th, 15:13
I like deinterlacing 60i to 60p and slowing it down to 24p. It actually looks smoother than normal 24p footage.

2007 November 24th, 21:30
You can't really "deinterlace 60i to 60p" can you? If you deinterlace 60i, you get 30p. That said, I understand what you mean, and that is essentially why 60i looks better slowed to 30 or 24 fps, because you can start with 60 fields per second. It's more like you are interpolating one interlaced frame into one full frame.

2007 November 25th, 02:25
60i slowmo test:


ADDED: http://www.vimeo.com/401581