View Full Version : Reef Tank Montage

2007 November 21st, 16:12
Short montage of my reef tank primarily using 24P and Cinemode.


2007 November 21st, 16:51
Very nice. I appreciated your explanation of how you shot the footage and held the camera. (I left a comment too - use a polarizing filter to reduce reflections/glare).

2007 November 21st, 17:17
Hi Nebulosa,
Thanks for sharing that. That footage must look pretty amazing in m2t. Was there a reason you shot this in 24p and cinemode?

Cheers ~ John

2007 November 21st, 20:56
Thanks! I'm having a lot of fun with the camera. There's no particular reason for using 24P and Cinemode, other than testing its low-light capability and style. I've definitely noticed that I have to hold the camera very steady to get smooth results in this mode.