View Full Version : Streets of San Francisco

2007 November 19th, 14:03
Here is another one I made. Comments welcome.


2007 November 20th, 04:49
I've re-uploaded this video. Changed the music, added few more stylistic variations and added different footage to the mix. I think this suits better, although I wonder if its too distracting. Video link is same as above.

2007 November 20th, 13:05
thats interesting!

only thing is i think the music has nothing to do with the video, i would definately use a diff. tune, but thats just me =)

2007 November 20th, 13:17

Music was good if it's part of your story or you have a point.

Some of the shots were shaky but I can dig it all the same.

2007 November 20th, 14:19
Thanks Guys. Frankly, there is no story or point here. I was merely experimenting the usage of multiple pane window editing technique(or thats what I call it) . So I took a bunch of very boring video clips I had and rather tried to make it look interesting to watch.