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2007 November 19th, 13:12
Hi, I'm from Italy and would like you to watch this 5 min lenght movie to tell me your opinion about the colours, the montage and anything you like to tell me about it. I used a polarizing filter for the first time and I think the result is very very good. The footage has been compressed with the h.264 codec.
This is the link: http://myksto.interfree.it/Video/Ussita_Visso_Calderola.mp4

I captured it in HDV 25p mode, controlling the exposure.

Thank you.


Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 November 19th, 15:55
Ah... I spent 20 minutes downloading your video, but when I play it back on Quicktime it's 4:3. You should not be exporting in 4:3 resolutions, even if you are setting the anamorphic bit or not -- most media players don't support anamorphism. It would have been better to export in 1280x720 with aspect ration 1.000 at 5 mbps.

Anyways, I managed to play it back correctly after using the latest unstable build of MPC instead of VLC/Quicktime, but most people don't have that installed.

Other than that, your video is really nice, beautiful imagery.

2007 November 19th, 18:02
Hi and thank for your reply.
That's very strange: I can play that file with quicktime, vlc, mpc and it's always 16:9, why do you say it's 4:3? I encoded it with AutoMKV and select the 16:9 aspect ratio...
Anyway and after all encoding at 1280x720 means loosing resolution, doesn't it?
I'm used to downscale my footage to pal 720x576 when I want to export to dvd format; in all other cases i tend to use the maximum resolution that is 1440x1080 anamophic.
You advise me to use 1280x720 resolution in any case?

Thanks a lot, Michele.

Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 November 19th, 18:23
My version of quicktime (latest version on XP) plays back your file in 4:3.

I would still suggest 1280x720 at 5 mbps (aspect ratio 1.0000 square pixels).
Right now, you lose quality anyway, because the bitrate of your video was pretty low, there were many artifacts in there. Re-rendering your project in 720p at 5mbps it should provide a better looking video compared to the current one.

2007 November 20th, 04:28
Ok but don't forget I used a low bitrate because I wanted to load that file on the web. The version I have at home has a much greater bitrate and has non artifact with a 1440x1080 resolution.
You maybe meant that whenever I'd like to load a video file on the web I'd better use a 1280x720 resolution, didn't you?

Anyway what about the polarising filter effect? Don't you think colors are very saturated and bright?

Thanks again, bye.


2007 November 20th, 17:33
Hi Michele,

To answer your original question, yes, the colors with the polarizing filter are indeed rich and vibrant. Personally, I like this look a lot for this type of scenery. I liked your edits also - clean and simple - letting the viewer appreciate the scenery you captured. The movie itself is very nice - makes me want to visit Italy even more. Being a cat person, I also enjoyed the shots of the cat.

Some additional feedback on the file format and playback. I am using a PowerPC (Dual 2.5 Ghz), Mac OS X (10..4.10), Ouicktime Pro 7.2 and VLC 0.8.6c. Ouicktime Player displays at 1440 x 1080 by default for this movie and the frame is definitely compressed horizontally (stretched vertically). It is very easy to change the scaled size in the visual settings properties to 1280 X 720, which makes everything look normal during playback. VLS also displays the size as being 1440 x 1080, but automatically adjusts so that the playback looks normal (like 1280 x 720) - not sure how. The only negative that I see in both Ouicktime Player and VLC is that I get some occasional dropped frames during playback, but that could just be because I have too many other things open at the moment.

Look forward to seeing more of your work.

2007 November 21st, 04:05
That polarizing filter looks really good with your skies. I should try to use one for once. :P

2007 November 21st, 13:25
Absolutely amazing landscapes, especially the scene with the mix of red and green tree-lines in the distance, and the mild warm grass.

Reminds me of the fields in Gladiator, or Lord of The Rings.

Very much appreciated, living in a cold grey town!

2007 November 21st, 23:49
...so I converted it to WMV9, 1280x720 and uploaded it here:


Very nice!