View Full Version : Punaluu Hawaii

2007 November 18th, 19:29
Short video at the Black Sand Beach in Punaluu Hawaii on the Big Island. Hand held, auto setting, rendered it with Sony Vegas 8 as NTSC DV Widescreen (720x480, 29.970 fps) and default template.


Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 November 18th, 19:50
Nice! Export in WMV 720-30p and upload to Vimeo too, so we can download the HD version!

2007 November 18th, 19:55
Very nice.

Quick question, did you find any need for exposure compensation on the beach or was auto fine. Alternatively did you make post production adjustments?

I only ask this because I know from my stills experience that often beaches / water reflect so much light that they throw the exposure out by 1-2 stops which results in under exposure unless compensated for. Any idea what settings the camera was using? 24P 60I etc?

2007 November 18th, 20:38
I didn't adjust any settings on the HD20...auto everything 1080-60i.

I added some saturation...bumped it to 1.50. I'll give VIMEO a shot after I render it HD 720.

Dirk Diggler
2008 January 7th, 06:04
Heeeeey, I'm from the Big Island! Nice footy!

2008 January 8th, 08:18
Mmmm nice beach. Only the black sand looks less inviting (hot? sticky?)