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2007 November 18th, 05:36
Was going through some footage I shot at Cockatoo Island (Sydney Harbour) and noticed this white spot that seem to fly at the screen, dunno if maybe I caught a ghost orb or it's just some sort of video glitch, judge for yourself.

Cockatoo Island once housed convicts from 1839-1870.


2007 November 18th, 06:14
Spooky!! :--o

I've never seen those kinda orbs in daylight. You can "produce" them with ease in the dark by just moving the cam around while pointing it at a light sorce.
Its just some kinda lensflare...

or is it???

2007 November 18th, 06:30
I've never seen lens flare like that, it seem to travel from a couple metres away and moved very quickly.

I want to believe :hv20-smilie79:

2007 November 18th, 07:49
I've been looking at the original file over and over and have noticed 5 orbs!

Here is the footage straight from the Hv20...
http://hv20.info/yopu/Cockatoo_Island_10Nov 025.m2t

The 1st is extremely quick and starts near the shed on the far right when the camera is not panning, look just below the window (without bars) of the shed, it travels in a 45 degree angle from right to left. It's not easy to see.

The 2nd is just when the camera start to pan, it crosses over the window of the shed with the bars.

The 3rd you can't miss and is the first one I noticed.

The 4th starts near the top of the ladder (?) in the distance, look just to the right.

The 5th happens when the camera stops after the full pan, look near the centre of the screen or to the left of the ladder.

How can you explain this? Something to do with the buildings windows perhaps, but 2 orbs happened when the camera wasn't even moving. Okay I'll stop obsessing.

2007 November 18th, 09:59
I too want to believe... but...

to me it looks like some out of focus dust or insects moving past the frame.

I have experienced it myself before... once I did a short film about a guy having a rough day and then gets hit by a car. When I published it on the internet some guys over at Sprocket noticed some weird thing "flying out" from the "corpse" which freaked some of them out... hehe...


Thinking about it I remembered that it was some EXTREME amounts of mosquitoes during filming. And since I shot the ending in a way where it's just a some cars going over the digital corpse and I just cut forward to the next car and then the next and so on, I figured that it must have been one of the mosquitoes that got jump-cutted into the footage in the spot of the digital corpse...

And the footage that I have watched with your "ghost orbs" makes me think along the same lines.

I'm sorry if I became the party-buster... as I said... I too want to believe... but I need indisputable proof... Damn... I sound more like Scully than Mulder...:(... And I always wanted to be Cooper... or maybe even FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole:p

Damn... you should keep the sound of the original recording for something... too me it's much more disturbing;)

2007 November 18th, 18:57
In your (amusing) video it does look a bit different but yeah it could be dust particles going in and out of focus past the lens which gives the illusion of depth and movement. Also, I did have it on auto focus at the time. Maybe I should try re-create this effect by sprinkling some dust in front of the lens and see what happens. I'll be going back to the island soon in any case so I'll film the same area using locked focus and auto focus to see if there's any difference.

The audio... on the island it's like Hitchcock's 'The Birds', the seagulls are extremely annoyed by your presence so they do mock attacks at you and squawk like mad, they're everywhere.

2007 November 20th, 01:54
have a look at www.dv.com at the blog, the guy wrote something up for halloween about while travelling round the country on shoot how they ran into some orbs in the hotel and then met and old indian who told them about an indian burial ground nearby, which like any bad horror movie they went to check out late at night.


2007 November 20th, 03:14
Sounds interesting, I'll check it out!

2007 November 20th, 03:26

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2007 November 20th, 07:17
Just pm me and I will tell you where to send the brown envelopes of cash.

Gosh... aw darnit! And here I am with only white envelopes... oh well... I'll order it some other time then;)