View Full Version : Redondo Beach, CA

2007 November 15th, 13:14
Here's a quick edit I did on some footage I took yesterday at the Redondo Beach Pier. Shot in Cinema/60i, edited in Premiere CS3 and exported out using media encoder 720p. Feedback appreciated.

2007 November 15th, 13:29
AHH yes, Redondo Beach. I used to live there in those beach front apartments years ago when I was single. Right above the pier where people eat crabs by the arcade area, those apartments right above it. I miss it so much, this brought back lots of memories. The sound of the waves when you're laying in bed is priceless. Ok enough of my rant.

Very nice video :hv20-smilie77:

Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 November 15th, 17:18
I added it on two HD channels on Vimeo.

2007 November 15th, 20:32
Wow, really nice job! Beautiful sunset scenes!

2007 November 15th, 22:08
I like it, I like Redondo, I wish it would rain to get rid of all the smoke still in our skies, although it makes for nice footage.

Only criticism is something that I have problems with that I see in this footage and that is that the camera is not level in several shots. (and a song about it getting cold in California when it is still 80 lol, jk)

2007 November 15th, 22:37
LOL CJ, it's actually 90 today!