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2007 November 14th, 02:11
At least I think it is awesome. After some requests, I've decided to post this video. I worked really hard on it and I think the HV20 really came through for me. enjoy.


below is the full res copy

and below here is the youtube version.

2007 November 14th, 03:30
WOW! I am speechless. I am in awww that you were able to capture this kind quality with a HV20! You have some MAD skills! Please tell me you shot it with a NTSC HV20 and not a PAL one (because I have a US model). PLEASE, post your settings, lighting, technique. I don't think you were using any 35mm adapter but man imagine if you did. Canon should use this music video to sell tons of HV20. Where are you from? I might need your services in the future. Thanks for sharing!


EDIT: please upload a vimeo version.

Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 November 14th, 03:33
You finally made it here. :)
Good to see it here. Sorry for the annoying requests. :D

It's a great video.

Erik Bien
2007 November 14th, 04:11
Out-freaking-standing. Best lighting I've seen yet from an HV20 shoot!

Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 November 14th, 06:33
Hmm... I just downloaded the WMV version... I wish you had de-interlaced on export, so the jaggies where not there...

2007 November 14th, 11:58

Thanks for the encouragement. I shot it with a US version using 1080i... I'm scared of 24p but I'll bet it would have been even better. As far as settings... well this cam doesn't have many hehe. I just made sure I always controlled the eposure properly, and I backed up A LONG WAY for every shot. That is how I got that shallow DOP, just backiing up and zooming in. Tripod most of the time. As far as lights, well for the outdoor scenes I didn't use any, not even a reflector. The band shots... that is a different story. It took about 3 hours to light it. Using a total of 12 different lights providing hairlight, fill and even a cookie on her eyes to make her face sparkle.


2007 November 14th, 12:42
way to go! Very well lit, well edited, well conceived. Impressive in general!

2007 November 14th, 13:08
Drake, i posted a link to your video on dvxuser.com and a lot of people are impressed and would like to know more. Here's the link to the thread


Awesome lighting techniques! It goes to show that you can improve any film, video with the proper lighting and it's something that we should all devote some time to learn. I look forward to seeing more of your work.


2007 November 14th, 13:12
Hmm... I just downloaded the WMV version... I wish you had de-interlaced on export, so the jaggies where not there...

Eugenia, I could be wrong but I think Windows Media 11 will de-interlace it automatically. Reason I say this is because I watch it on my comp with an older player and I saw jaggies but when I went ot show my wife, who has Vista and WMP 11 on hers, clean as a whistle.

2007 November 14th, 15:07
that must be the problem. it looked great on my computer.

I am humbled by the support on this forum. You guys have really made me feel good. It is nice to know that you can take the HV20 and no money and make a product people are impressed by.


Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 November 14th, 21:49
I have WMP11 on XP Pro and it does not de-interlace. I see jaggies. My WMP de-interlaces for .m2t btw, so it's not a platform issue.

2007 November 15th, 06:18
nice work!!! i think it's a great inspiration for many hv20 owners. i hope to see more footage in the future.

you're video is a testiment that it's always the person behind the camera....never the camera. people are already making comparisons to the A1 and the HV20.

don't be afraid of 24p. if you can make a video like this, there's no reason why you shouldn't head in the 24p direction.

it's generally a good idea to de-interlace the footage, you can't go assuming everyone's got windows media 11.


2007 November 15th, 09:19
Awesome video.

Some of the outdoor shots looked a little soft but the indoor stuff was like watching the BBC - super sharp and detailed and the close ups were to die for.

10 out of 10.

My only wish is that the HV20 could reproduce the indoor sharpness outdoors.

Erik Bien
2007 November 15th, 23:19
It can ... just add HMIs (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrargyrum_medium-arc_iodide) or Dinos (http://www.licht-technik.com/eng/html/dino_light.html) ... :hv20-smilie81:

2007 November 16th, 00:31
Hi .. First post long time lurker...

Can someone explain to me what exactly those horizontal lines are and why they show up? I have searched on this topic and see many responses/opinons on the topic but no direct answer.

Are the line not seen when viewed on a HDTV? And what would be the purpose to have those lines...?

I just am not clear on the whole interlace and de interlace properities..

PS that music video is TOP notch.... you do some outstanding work... with time and effort into our projects i hope we all can shoot something that spectacular....
PS there is always gonna be someone out there who has something to say!!!

Erik Bien
2007 November 16th, 01:52
Once again, Wiki to the rescue (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interlace).

2007 November 16th, 14:08
Once again, Wiki to the rescue (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interlace).

Thanks.. but i have seen that already... LOL

I just really dont get it...

No worries.. i have a CRT and a flat panel digital and both exhibt those jagged lines.. one has media player 10 and the other with 11.

I am just not clear on the purpose of it... unless i am totally missing something.

Bottom line have an HV20 shoot HDV import and then why would i want to check that feature with lines like that one there?

Thanks again

2007 November 16th, 14:12
Sometime the lipsync fails a bit...

2007 November 19th, 20:55
Great vid!!! look forward to seeing more of your work!!:hv20-smilie77:

Lou van Wijhe
2007 November 20th, 08:30
Very, very impressive! Not only from a technical but from an artistic point as well.


2007 November 28th, 05:58
Best thing I've seen shot with this camera.

It would be great if you would post the video here on this forum http://www.vimeo.com/HV20 it would blow um away.

What did you post & color correct it with?


2007 November 28th, 09:56
I got to say Drake....I've seen lots of great music videos between this forum and others I am part of....but this is the first time I can really say the video quality matched the music quality.... Both came off very, very professional...I totally forgot what cam you were shooting on... matter of fact i didn't pay attention to it....i could'nt... This was brilliant... I like how you incorporated the shallow DOF in certain scenes. Everything was crisp...good camera placement...lighting was on...nice job.

And that song.....HAUNTING!!!

2007 December 23rd, 15:03
So, what would be the best way to have removed the interlacing?

2007 December 24th, 00:45
Hmm... I just downloaded the WMV version... I wish you had de-interlaced on export, so the jaggies where not there...

Just onna hunch I took it full screen. No more jaggies, that I could see.

Aside from that.


2007 December 24th, 04:11
Excellent video - how long did it take to shoot all the footage and how long to edit?

2007 December 26th, 09:59
Hi Folks!

I had a very good experience using VLC media player to deinterlace some video material. Just open the movie, click on video -> deinterlace -> linear, and the result should be perfect.

2007 December 26th, 16:56
It's pretty good video and excellent performance. I just hate to see those interlace lines :hv20-smilie70:

2007 December 26th, 19:53

But the best solution is to export a deinterlaced work in the first place.

2007 December 28th, 11:58
Yeah, friggin' wow.

2007 December 29th, 03:11
Thats amazing! Great job!!

2007 December 29th, 04:17
Everything has already been said. Great work!! I'm envious.