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2007 November 14th, 00:09
Ok, so I'm guessing I did something wrong, but in the meantime, the link to this video is nyah:

UPDATE: Ok, uploaded an optimized for streaming mp4, http://hv20.info/yopu/AroundCampus.mp4, but at least on my end, it just prompts a download and doesn't load in the window itself. I be all frazzled!

Just some footage I shot today around campus to test out the camera now that I finally got Final Cut 6 and learned how to do that lock exposure trick. The only color correction I did was using a couple of the preset white balance options. Sorry for it being a little shaky.

Ok, onto the problem. It doesn't load. Or at least it's loading but there's no Quicktime screen to show you how much it's loaded or give you the option to play what has loaded already. My first guess is that I just need to export the movie as an mpeg-4 and optimize it for streaming. I'm working on that now, so I guess I'll find out shortly if that's it. If anyone has any other suggestions let me know!

2007 November 15th, 14:24
Yes I can play part of the "aroundcampus.mp4.part" during download.
The first shots are a bit skaky, if you want acceptable footage you should not walk during shooting unless you have a steadicam. And your pan is way too fast...