View Full Version : DIY Steadycam Test

2007 November 13th, 07:39

hi guys trying to make a streadycam here, tried it out on the stairs. Will try to improve it more. Guess its alil shake but owh well le me know what u guys think :) thanks a BunCHH!

2007 November 13th, 08:49
I kinda feel like I'm on a rollercoaster when you go down those stairs. Not really your fault it's just the angle @ which you shot. To me it seems like you got a decent steadicam. Trying do a test of you shooting someone in motion or "gliding" through your house.

2007 November 13th, 10:26
I liked the motion, but didn't like staring at the floor! Can you shoot straight ahead, instead?

2007 November 13th, 12:28
haha alright. Will do it either later or tomorrow its 12.30 am here :) trying to make it more stable brr. thank for the comments