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2007 November 11th, 23:28
I have been shooting in 24p. I'm not so pleased with the slow motion outcome. I shot this video in 60i. The 50% slow motion was BEAUTIFUL. I first start with the Cine Mode but the color is just surreal. Later on I change it to the A mode adjusting the Iris. I like it especially having the object sharp in focus and the background becomes blury.


2007 November 11th, 23:41
your site looks very good, congratulations.

2007 November 12th, 00:55
taky, nice video! the slow-mo looked awesome.

my one suggestion, those transitions hurt my eyes! they are so frequent and bright it made me squint. i'm sure you can lower the brightness on those transitions to not be quite as bright? frequent?

2007 November 12th, 00:57
Thanks for the feedback. The transition seems to be an issue from time to time. I am just trying to do something different other than just a boring dissolve. :-)

2007 November 12th, 17:27
Excellent work Taky! Transition is somewhat fast (maybe it's just me). I like the way you capture the expressions of the bride and groom. Just cusious, since you are offering professional wedding video service on your website, do you also use professional videocams as well or HV20s only. Did you also took some indoor shots, like preparations and reception, how was the hv20 on low light situations. Thanks.

2007 November 12th, 18:03
video doesn't seem to work.

Maybe it's a problem on my end.

Can anyone verify?


2007 November 12th, 18:38

I only use HV20 as a secondary cam. I used to use two GL2 and now using XH-A1. It's a full wedding coverage so I also take video of prep work, ceremony and the reception.


2007 November 13th, 09:30
The video looks great, but the transitions have to go. A dissolve is not boring. Your transition repeated over and over is calling attention to the effects and detracting from the video. Used once or twice or between major transitions would look nice, but not for every cut in the video. It is just too much.

2007 November 13th, 14:44
Doesn't stream for me.

Your other videos do but not this one.

2007 November 14th, 01:12
When it comes to slow mo, it's well known that 60i will produce better slo mo than 24p, hands down. This is because your editor can use the info from those 60 fps interlaced frames when it plays them back at 30 fps (50% slo mo).

2007 November 14th, 02:17
HV20 is NOT capable of recording in 60fps. It is 60i which is 30fps. Adobe Premiere has a feature called Frame Brending to make use of the two interlaced fields to create a smooth slow mo.

2007 December 11th, 13:02
Taky...I just want to echo what the others have said: your site is beautifully done. I also could not view the video and got a Runtime error message in Firefox (latest v) and a "No Video" message in the video placeholder.


2007 December 11th, 13:11
I ran it in Firefox without issue.

Nice looking footage!


2007 December 11th, 17:13
Taky - I managed to download your video, although I could not see it on your site. It's very nicely done. Very professional.

I really liked the soft transitions joining the short clips in a kind of movie slide-show. Especially nice in a wedding context. Is that defocus transition a hard effect to do?

Getting people to smile for such a long time is an artform in itself :)

Well done.

2007 December 11th, 17:38
Nzo, thanks for the compliment. I like that transitions but some say it giving them a seizure.

The transition is done by adding blur from 0 to 100 at the end of the first clip. Then add blur from 100 to 0 in the second clip. In between, apply a 1 second Addictive Dissolve.

2007 December 11th, 17:46
Thanks Taky. A seizure from something as soft as that? That's a bit hard to swallow :)

2007 December 11th, 17:47
Oops.. thanks for the correct spelling of seisure. :)

2007 December 15th, 13:02
Hello Taky,

Came over from DVXUser.com

Your footage looks really nice. Was that whole segment shot with the HV20?

How did you find it's limited "pro" features (compared to the XH-A1). How about the mixing of footage? Does the 20 fit nicely with the A1 in post?

I use two DVXs for recitals and weddings but I realize I'm going to have to convert to HD within the next 18 months or so.

I like the form factor (small, unobtrusive) and the image seems really sweet. That and it would be significantly lighter on a steadi-type setup.

I'm wondering if I should sell the 100s and pick up an A1 and a couple of HV20s?

Again. Well done.

BTW. The comments about the transition you were using? I have to say I agree with what was being posted. I think part of it is that when you go into the out-of-focus transition my eyes try to compensate by refocusing (seriously, I can feel my eyes..."straining" to bring your image back into focus) and it actually gave me a bit of an eye-ache. Just sayin' :hv20-smilie03:

Now to check out your site.



2007 December 15th, 13:14

I traded up my two GL2 for HV20 and XH-A1 for weddings. Although HV20 produce great footage, the look for the camera just don't make the cut. So I have to gear up the cam so it won't look all that amatuer-ish.

That video is shot entirely using HV20 in Av mode. All other times I shot in Auto or P mode. There is quite big of color difference between XHA1 and HV20. I have have to color correct them so it won't look too odd when cutting from one cam to another.

Check out these links too

HV20 and XH-A1 Frame Grab Comparison (http://www.hv20.com/showthread.php?t=4454)

DV Lock and Downsizing Comparison (http://www.hv20.com/showthread.php?t=1246)

2007 December 15th, 13:31
Funny, it would play in IE but not in FF for me. Looks fantastic. Regarding the transitions, I may have used the flash transition you used between "scenes" and used a dissolve between clips. It is a cool transition but maybe too many.

2007 December 15th, 14:35

I can only get it to play in IE.

I think it's a DRM thing with Windows Media Player.

2007 December 15th, 14:38
I believe it's the windows media player plugin. I'll have to find out how to fix it.

2007 December 15th, 21:09
Like all others stated, it is a nice video, but the transitions kill me interest. I have to fast forward the video. To me, each transition is too short, too bright and as a whole, too repetitive (it become boring after a while.) Other than that, the color and compositions, smoothness are great!


2007 December 17th, 02:08
Very nicely done, indeed. Loved the music.

I was just wondering if the back ground could be more de-focused in many of the intermeiate and close-up shots?
Ie, in the parking lot with cars moving about and the shots with the sign "library" in clear focused is a bit distracitng.
Also some of the wiavering trees branches in the background of many intermediate shots. I think the shots would haved looked even better if they were softly de-focused.
Lastly, the bride standing infront of a receding fence. I think this scene would looked even more beautiful if the fence slowly faded into out of focus?

I know this video was shot in bright day light so it would be difficult for HV20 to step down on F-stops. Perhaps darker neutral density filter(s)?