View Full Version : Apple Insomnia Entry with HV20

2007 November 11th, 12:09
Hey everyone. I read this forum fairly regularly, but haven't really posted a lot. A couple friends and I decided to make an Apple Insomnia entry. We all have terrible cameras, and luckily my awesome former digital video teacher from middle school let us sign out her HV20. It was glorious. I finally got to touch one of those things.

Anyway, here is the film.
(Quicktime Stream)

Let me know what you think. I'm pretty happy with the results, even though it was our first time using the camera. My main regret is not figuring out how to lock the exposure.

2007 November 15th, 16:20
I hate to bump, but I'd like to get some feedback since this is my first time with the camera. :)

2007 November 15th, 16:33
Hey Krick, it looks pretty decent. Everything cut together pretty well. I didn't see any glaring mistakes. I like that the 'film within the film' had a different look. The first glimpse of the blue M&M was a little too quick I think, it would have been better to see him eating them before the drop.

I didn't like the audio though.... Lots of hiss (I presume it was probably a bit windy) and everyone sounded a little far away. Some of your sound effects didn't really fit well in the mix either. The lack of a locked exposure didn't seem to affect the look much. Put some more effort into getting good clean sound next time and you should be golden. :)

It is an entertaining little piece, congrats on completing it -- I'm sure you all had a good time making it. :)

2007 November 18th, 15:53
If I get the chance to use this camera, I will definitely use an external mic and a wind screen. It was horribly windy that day, especially in the beginning. (we shot sequentially) I considered adding subtitles, but I thought that would look even worse.