View Full Version : Some shots with my hv20 + diy adapter

2007 November 8th, 02:11
Just finished putting together my adapter made with the parts from daniel's website. i used a nikon 50mm lens, the canon tubes with the new macro attachment from daniel with the extra extension tube. I also used the manfrotto 293 telephoto support. I have the rail support from daniel as well but still waiting on rails so you probably see some little dirt particles and hair in the footage because i didn't use the vibratting motor. It's nothing special just some stuff from work and it's not very steady in most shots just wanted an idea of what it would look like.

this site has helped me soo much so far i figured i would try and do the same

Fat Chocolate
2007 November 10th, 22:09
Looks great!! would like to see some out door shots to see how the sun light works with the lenses . Cool