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2007 November 6th, 09:14

Purchased a polarizer from a local camera store during lunch break. At first I thought I was screwed 'cause I wanted to get a circular polarizer but the sales person there gave me a linear one.

Played around with it when I got home, and I just wanted say linear polarizers do work with auto focus on the HV20.

Below are some pictures taken with the polarizer. Check 'em out.

Half effect:

Full effect:

Minimal effect:

2007 November 6th, 12:24


That was one of the funiest movies ever! Wish I would've thought of that!


Michael Davis
2007 November 6th, 20:20
What the hell is whtnova talking about?

2007 November 6th, 20:34
Hey whtnova, do you mean the footage i shot during Halloween? If you do, well, I personally don't think that was funny. The guy in wig liked to screamed sporadically in the crowd. Pretty annoying... lol From what I heard, he actually did that over ten times that night. After a few times of that running into people and whatnot, I lost interest and move on to get other footage. haha.

Anyhow, thanks for watching!

2007 November 7th, 10:56
I was only refering to your screen name, maybe I got it wrong. I thought of the movie "Clerks". When Donte was calling the newspaper to see if that girl was really getting married. It looked like they asked him who he was and he said he was a "curious party", hesitant to say who he really was...

I wasn't thinking about the fact that no one else can read my mind!

Sorry about that, so if thats not it, what inspired your screen name?

2007 November 7th, 11:21
Oh, thought you were referring to my clip, stupid me!

Yea, my username was inspired by Clerks indeed. I'm a big fan of Kevin Smith.

2007 November 7th, 13:27
This post is like a bit WTF OMG and even LOL

2007 November 7th, 16:26
Oh, thought you were referring to my clip, stupid me!

Yea, my username was inspired by Clerks indeed. I'm a big fan of Kevin Smith.

Oh good, I felt really stupid for a while there.

BTW I don't see the pics for the filter test...

Erik Bien
2007 November 7th, 17:16
Meanwhile, back on topic ... :hv20-smilie84:

Thanks for the nice grabs; they really show the effect of a polarizer on reflections in glass clearly. A couple more good "with vs without" comparisons are also available in this Wiki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polarization#Polarization_effects_in_everyday_life ).

2007 November 8th, 00:12
whtnova, do you see the grabs now? I browsed the thread with different computers and the pics showed up with no problem.

Thanks for the link, Erik.