View Full Version : Dunk Test in Pool

2007 November 3rd, 00:17
Here is some footage I shot with my HV20 inside my swimming pool. I did not film the footage while in the pool, but rather simply dunked the camera into the pool while leaning over the side, hence the bad footage. Oh well, the footage still gives you a very basic idea of how the HV20 can perform underwater. I have more footage that I will be uploading soon.


Video shot at 30fps at 1pm in the afternoon. Exposure set to 0. F-Stop 1.8
HV20 in an Ikelite housing.

By the way, the footage looks much more impressive when watching directly through my LCD. I personally do not feel like the footage here does it justice.

2007 November 3rd, 05:25
I had to sell one kidney for the HV20...now another kidney for the Ikelite...

But really, the footage looks great, now go diving! Are you in california?

2007 November 3rd, 10:26
This footage cracked me up for some reason. There's a zen-like qualilty to listening to the water shift around the camera and watching that thing move along the bottom.

HV20.com is my favorite TV channel.

2007 November 3rd, 13:12
I remember it took a long time to get the courage to actually put my $1000 cam in the underwater housing and take it for a swim. Your footage looks good.

I had a blast with my HDR-HC3 in the sportspack.