View Full Version : Model Photoshoot with N. Castaneda Photography

2007 November 2nd, 14:48
Hey check it out. This is not the first thing ive shot with my favorite new toy..... but it IS the first to upload nicely. Let me know what you all think... and nvm the party ad, thats just something i threw in there for myself, I'm going to re-edit the video later for the photographer.


also, this video was accidentally imported in DV (I was in a hurry since I filmed and edited this in just a few hours). My other videos were imported in full 1080i glory. The only problem is if I export using the same settings for those, the quality is terrible. What setting should I use to export the video for good internet distribution?


Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 November 2nd, 17:13
720p for Vimeo, progressive (WMV or mp4 h.264). And don't forget to add the "HV20" tag so it's picked up by the HV20 Channel there.

2007 November 3rd, 10:02
Spotted the tell tale HV20 filming as soon as the flash gun fired and only half the screen was blown out :D

Good video mate!