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2007 October 28th, 22:13
Thanks for all the great footage, advice, and comments over the past few months. Owning the HV20 and being a part of this forum has certainly been an honor and has helped me improve my skills. In fact, I think that the footage I shot with the HV20 is what got me my new job (in filming).

I am moving on to soon become an owner of the Canon XH-A1. I will certainly still keep my eye on this forum though because it has a ton of great resources.

So I am afraid this will be my last footage that I will shoot with the HV20 since I will be posting it to sell this week.

I did a pre-wedding video for a couple yesterday and I really like how it turned out. Shot with the HV20 and Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens. Enjoy!


It's a flash video (make sure you click the bride and groom's name to see the video).



Tracey Lee

PS I still make and sell the RNG35 35mm static adapter so feel free to look at that site as well.


2007 October 28th, 23:22
Post some comparison video of the 2 cameras when you get the A1.

How much are your 35mm adapters going for?

2007 October 28th, 23:56
I have been selling the adapters for $325. It includes both Nikon and Canon mounts and shipping. I have had a regular stream of customers going too.

I will post some footage when I get the A1 if anyone wants to see some real side by side comparisons.

2007 October 29th, 02:08
So long tkmslee! I don't post much, but I've always appreciated your posts and footage. Have a good time with the A1 (and I mean that in the best of ways, hahahaha)

2007 October 29th, 05:11
Sorry to see you go. Please DO post some footage from the new cam, with and without 35mm adapters.

That pre-wedding video - fantastic. Loved the black and white, slow motion, and editing... You're leaving us on a high.

Best of luck!

2007 October 29th, 11:45
It saddens me, but its good to see you move on. Will miss your input on this board alot. Dont feel like you cant come back.

2007 October 29th, 12:23
Take care Tkmslee, and I hope you'll be even more successful in your RNG35 (http://leetj.com/rng35/)

I'll share this link to people who wants a 35mm adapter with achromat.
All the best!

2007 November 2nd, 14:44
interested in adapter