View Full Version : Testing 1...2...3 Edited with Cinestream 3.1

2007 October 28th, 15:34
This is just a junk test video that I used to test various things.
Interesting points:
1. Shot in HD mode, otherwise fully automatic.
2. Captured to the PC with HDVSplit to a .m2t file. It worked great.
3. m2t file converted to .mov with MPEG_Streamclip.exe so I could take it into my NLE. My old Cinestream 3.1 will only take .mov files.
4. And here is what is amazing to me; it was edited with seven year old Cinestream 3.1!!!! The only thing cinestream didn't do correctly was crop the 16:9 picture on export to a .mov file. Otherwise it works ok with HD. So I can wait to buy Vegas Pro 8 a bit longer.
Three cheers for Cinestream / EditDV
If you need a fully featured NLE look for a copy of Cinestream 3.1 should be cheap. Mine cost me $800+ by the time Autocrap tossed it in the waste bin.