View Full Version : My QBASIC \ QuickBASIC montage

2007 October 27th, 16:48
Since I couldn't find any software that captures video in MSDOS, I did this the cheezy way. I pointed my HV20 to my CRT monitor so I can capture footage of the games I've designed. The sharpness of the footage comes out surprisingly pretty clean with the exception of my flickery monitor. I did have to add a bit of saturation and some brightness/contrast correction in post, but it's all good. :) If you're not familiar with MSDOS, it's a severly outdated OS by Microsoft.

In the footage, you see my games I've made in QBASIC / QuickBASIC back in 1998. Enjoy!


2007 October 27th, 18:04
Use a video card with an S-Video output or composite and run it to the AV In on the HV20

2007 October 30th, 04:40
I had my doubts this would work, but I went ahead and used the S-Video out from my laptop, which has Windows XP. Unfortunately, the video will not output full-screen mode in MSDOS through S-Video. Most of my games are in mode 13h (320 x 200 resolution), and so it wont work, even if its windowed. :( MSDOS has a unique way of displaying screen resolutions to your monitor, so I'm assuming there is no way to display it from a video adapter other than VGA.

2007 October 30th, 11:25
Worked fine on my Athlon 1.2GHz with an ATI AGP card and TV out, full screen on my TV.

Boot the PC into DOS mode / command line and try.