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2007 October 25th, 15:57
I have posted a few HD videos there that I made a long time ago but the low bitrate makes them not great.

Any settings tips for vegas renderings for Vimeo ?


Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 October 25th, 16:49
Vimeo uses VGA and wide-VGA resolutions (for non-hd), so I would export to 848x480 in h.264, 2 mbps before uploading to Vimeo. It's good to give the flash encoder a bit more resolution to work with you see. I would use WMV if you are running Movie Studio though, as you would have no other custom delivery-format encoder to work with.

2007 October 25th, 18:32
Thanks Eugenia,

I tried WMV but Vimeo didn't like it. I had to do a custom H.264 template in the mainconcepts avc codec. I did 1280x720 at 5mbsec like they wanted for HD but the bitrate is too low and blocky.

Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 October 25th, 20:51
5 mbps is fine for 720p for h.264 IMO. Don't forget that if this will down resized to VGA, so the blocks won't be that visible.

2007 October 27th, 17:17
So the HD videos on the VimeoHD channels get downsized ?

Check out this channel and tell me what you think, You have to hit full size


2007 October 27th, 18:55
So the HD videos on the VimeoHD channels get downsized ?

Check out this channel and tell me what you think, You have to hit full size


I'm not sure... If you look at the FAQ it claims that it's true HD...

Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 October 27th, 21:18
I just checked the actual HD channel for Vimeo, and that's indeed 720p they got there. So, yeah, export in 720p 4 or 5 mbps for Vimeo HD, in h.264.

Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 November 1st, 17:40
I used Vimeo this week, it's apparently gaining momentum among videographers real fast. I re-edited my older footage to be shorter and uploaded it there in HD:
http://vimeo.com/365747 - San Francisco Zoo
http://vimeo.com/366681 - Stanford University Campus
http://vimeo.com/365335 - Squaw Valley

There are a few inconveniences, like no automatic de-interlacing like youtube does it, but overall it's good.

2007 November 1st, 18:23
The Zoo video is nice. Was that 5mb a sec ?

Vimeo is awesome but I wish you could do more than 500mb a week. Im going to be backlogged for weeks just uploading my old stuff.

Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 November 1st, 18:29
>Was that 5mb a sec

h.264 4mbps VBR (4 mb average, 4.5 mb peak), AAC 128 kbps. Exported with Vegas Pro 8 using the MainConcept encoder (the Sony AVC encoder keeps crashing for me after a while).

I think 500 MBs per week is enough... I mean, how much footage do you have? :D
At 4mbps that's 15 minutes per week of HD. If something is well edited at clips no longer than 3 mins, that's 5 videos per week, which is enough for my needs anyway.

2007 November 27th, 15:54
I'm also using a Vegas 7 based workflow, was curious what settings you use for your Mainconcept MPEG-4 export as I haven't been happy with what I get using it for rendering. I've been rendering to 720p24 HDV format, then transcoding to h.264 using MPEG StreamClip for upload to Vimeo, but it would be great if I could avoid the additional transcode step.

Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 November 27th, 16:03
Since then, I've written a tutorial:

2007 November 27th, 16:14
Thank you!

2007 November 27th, 22:08
hey i posted on the vimeo forum but i'll post here too


i just uploaded this video today.

1280 x 720 h.264 5mb/s.....i used all the export settings requested and it is not only not uploaded in HD, the quality is really poor. I have uploaded SD video that looked 10 times better (see: vimeo.com/366079)

what gives?"

thanks in advance. i dont know anything about exporting and tried just following the advice on this site but to no avail. This is EXTREMELY frustrating because of the fact that the lower quality video i uploaded actually looks a LOT better than the HD one