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2007 October 22nd, 06:53
As I hinted at in the last post here at the footage section... here it is:

720p footage shot with in-camera black/white at exposure locked cine-mode... in premiere pro post I added some extreme contrast and brightness boost to get that noir experimental artsy look.

And marking the first time... a soundtrack entirely recorded and performed by myself!... no more legal ramblings ;)

It ain't advanced... but it was an interesting thing to try and get it this way.


I'll update the filename with one that hasn't got as many spaces... right now the FTP won't let me just rename it... but until then...

2007 October 22nd, 08:00
I think this is my favorite thing someone has shot with the HV20 so far.

I love the moody music, the angles, the b/w, etc. The flickering glow on all the objects was the clincher. Black and white with the 24p is great at capturing a somber mood that color can't even begin to match. It's also great for unifying all the gawdy colors of modern life.

However, it could of used a claymation spider or something to spice things up a little. : ) I kept on wanting something to pop out of the shadows and do something.

Keep up the good work.

What did you make the music with? Do you compose a lot?

2007 October 22nd, 14:03
This is great.

Loved the compostion, b&w, and the mood from the soundtrack. The super wide aspect ratio was a good idea too.

Shooting b&w was perfect for this experiment. One really cool factor I kept thinking about was how this could be shot with a much much much more expensive camera and you wouldn't even know it.

I think my favorite shot was of the two lamps against the blinds...just looked interesting, especially in b&w.

2007 October 26th, 17:58
Threadhanger. Yeah, I did think of having some flash-cut-ins of something wierd. But somehow I thought that it stands on it's own pretty much... And I'll be darned if it's just me or something... but at the end, when the figurine is right up at the lens... it looks like it's moving... that creeps me...;)

The music? Well, I don't compose much at all... this is just something that I recorded. I just took my old Casio ToneBank CT-670 Keyboard and hooked it up with my computer using a 3.5 mm adapter and cable. The keyboard does have connections for MIDI interface but I haven't got the money right now to set myself up with that kind of equipment.

If you want to know how it's played it's C D E D C D E D C D E (and so forth;)) Layered 3 times on 3 parts of the keyboard, all set with some strings preset with the attack adjusted waaaaaaay of.... In editing I found that it was a bit too short so it's actually slowed down to about 60%... plus a massive noisereduction to clean it all up;)

And for the record... it was shot in PAL 25p... not NTSC 24p... it's a silly remark I know...;)

Halvalla. Haha... makes me calm myself down for not saving up to a V1 ;)

And my favorite shot was the noise reflection on the candleholders... it got some nice weird liquid appearance that I just like. Also. One shouldn't be fooled by the results here... the shots pre-"grading" was actually pretty bland and somewhat booring compared to this. The massive contrast boost really gave the glass a nice icy feel...

2007 October 26th, 20:24
Well you did a good job with the music and everything. Sometimes simplicity is best. You are right about the little figurine. It did look like it was moving.
I'm just surprised that this clip hasn't gotten more views and comments. I think B/W may be to artsty for some people.

2007 October 26th, 23:25
Super nice. Lynchian, even! Would love to see more in that direction. :)

2007 November 13th, 15:23
That was really really nice!!!!
It it so nice to see some footage that actually uses film to get to another visual dimension, that makes you observe things differently!

I really lööööved your shots and your lynchian music to go!

I also checked out your other candlelight-footage, really beautiful!

great work!:hv20-smilie09:

2007 December 5th, 19:33
Weird I have quicktime pro yet the file won't load for me. Needless to say I am curious to check this out

2007 December 6th, 07:13
Yeah... I have noticed some sick loading times when trying to load the video within the browser (using firefox), all I can say is, try right-clicking and save-as and download it before watching instead of streaming it...

But I must say that I never expected these things to get this much attentions... The story behind this one is that I just watched a documentary about Warhols Cinema and thought... "eyyy if that guy can make a 40 minute movie of just people sitting in a couch and sell it then surely I could do a... eeeeeeehhhh... 5 minute of... ehh... television static!".

But needless to say, I am gratefull for the attention:)

2007 December 16th, 10:43
I really liked this also. One question - at 2:00 the shot of the figurine has what appears to be a very shallow DOF. How did you get that - zooming in? or adapter?

2007 December 16th, 12:52
there's no adapter at work in my clips... (yes, I have an early Letus35... but I've just grown tired of the look before I ever came around to do something myself...) I guess it's just an effect of the macro-level-photography that gave it that kind of shallow DOF...

2007 December 16th, 14:04
jmalmsten, you should create a Vimeo account. You shoot some interesting stuff.

Why did you mean when you said you were tired of 35mm look? That's interesting. Most people seem to love it. I've debated getting one myself.

2007 December 16th, 14:46
Excellent stuff! I have to agree with the Lynch comment, this felt like something Lynch might do.

I'll also agree that you should get a Vimeo account.