View Full Version : Fake Danone Yogurt 30 sec commercial

2007 October 20th, 22:27
I was taking some family moments this morning when I saw my little girl eating a Yogurt. The following quick video is the result. A fake commercial for Danone.

The whole thing what shot in like 6 minute and put together with minimal editing in FCP. Not great but nice.


Source is in HD but for some reason vimeo only converted it as SD. You can download the original HD at http://vimeo.com/download/video:11242866


2007 November 4th, 00:47
what filter or adaptor are u using???
it looks amazinggg

2007 November 4th, 01:11
Doesn't look like any filter or adapter.. it says it's just a stock hv20 shooting 24p

2007 November 4th, 15:44
Nice job!


2007 November 4th, 18:08
Just a stock HV20. 24p with basic cinemode exposure. No post color correction or anything. Just sequences cuts. I was actually lazy and did not even bother go through JES to do IVTC. Simply used FCP Conpressor built in IVTC to do the pull down at the end...

The HV20 is certainly one amazing camera. Can turn a everyday scene in something quite good looking.