View Full Version : Quick DOF Action Shot

2007 October 8th, 15:21
Hi, I made this film within a couple of hours using my Canon HV20, a spiderbrace, a Rode Video Mic and my DIY static DOF adapter(was a vibrating adapter untill the solder points to the motor broke, I never took the time to re-solder it). I filmed in SD because is solves my vignetting problem, I could probably spend $200 to get an achromat and fix the problem, but I'm not sure if I want to. Anyways, This isn't my best filming/editing work, I can do alot better. It looked kinda blurry on the shots I'm in (guy with the white shirt) because my friend was filming me and he dosen't have much camera experience, so he's still learning. It was filmed because we was bored anyways. Wer'e going to film a war-style movie, we start filming in Janurary 2008. Here's the film posted on Youtube. Thanks!