View Full Version : DIY 35mm adapter + color grade

2007 October 7th, 09:56
Second test with DIY 35mm static adapter + 50mm olympus lens.

Canon Aa-e focusing screen

color graded premiere 2.0


youtube version:


2007 October 7th, 14:12

dr jones
2007 October 7th, 15:28
the adapter footage looks really good. the color grading looks very flat, and the shadows are green (shadows look best when left black IMO). instead of grading the mids and shadows, try grading just the highlights. you will get a more realistic look that way.

Jake Ironshirt
2007 October 7th, 17:05
I thought that video had a old time look to it...i liked it. Who is the recording artist & title...that really fit the film.