View Full Version : A Day In The Life of Jerry Walshpopper

Dirk Diggler
2007 October 5th, 21:50
This was an assignment for my High School Video Productions class. The assignment was pretty self explanatory. A day in the life of something/someone. Filmed and edited in a few hours. But hey. It's something.


Dirk Diggler
2007 October 6th, 18:07
So, it's really that bad?

I know it's on YouTube but... 70+ views and no comments? Not even bad ones?

2007 October 8th, 14:31
Not bad. I lik ehow you ended it with the clap off followed by the alarm again.

Dirk Diggler
2007 October 9th, 00:13

2007 October 9th, 00:29
Nicely done!
Clever idea - I like the use of everyday sounds. Well shot, well edited, well acted, especially for just "a few hours".

Dirk Diggler
2007 October 10th, 18:22