View Full Version : Frog & Dragonfly And clouds

2007 October 3rd, 02:24
I went to Zion Utah this last weekend and saw some frogs and a dragonfly. I wish the HV20 had a closer focusing distance. To shoot these I was literaly 1 inch away from them.

I shot a few quick cloud timelapse's. The 1st set I was using a a super flimsy travel tripod and the rest were on a Thepod beanbag.

2007 October 3rd, 23:18
That looked nice. I didn't know dragonflies got so out of breath. It seemed to be breathing hard.

I got some nice footage of some caterpillars and ants. If everybody on this board contributes, we could build a sort Noah's Ark of stock footage. : )

2007 October 4th, 02:19
post mov versions!

2007 October 4th, 13:16
threadhanger, it was wierd with the dragonfly. I was hiking through Zion and I saw it . It must have been hiding form the 20mph wind, but to video it up close for detail I was literally an inch away from it with the HV20 and it didn't fly away but it was doing some twitching.

Smirky , I seriously hate QT. For me QT movies take 4 times longer to render and suck 40% of the color and contrast out of my videos.