View Full Version : Nighttime Driving test footage

James S
2007 October 1st, 22:37
Hi All,

Just shot and edited my first test footage clip.

http://repository.hooverdust.com/hv20/road.wmv (37MB, .wmv)

Will be doing more tests over the next week or so.

Output Clip Details:
720p, Windows Media File

Camera Details:
25p, Shutter Priority

2007 October 1st, 23:52
Nice and moody. I liked it. Where did you get the music for it at?

James S
2007 October 2nd, 00:15
Music is Death Cab For Cutie - Passenger Seat

2007 October 3rd, 20:03
That is amazing work, its very moody, like the character in a movie is comin home at night, from a long stay somewhere, and it just gets all moody